We’re all familiar with sugar-happy birthday parties and itchy-sad Chicken Pox parties. But we’re excited about the possibility of hosting a Healthy Child Party that makes the moms, the kids, and the doctors happy.

Healthy Child Parties on Cool Mom Picks

If you’re not yet familiar with Healthy Child, Healthy World, it began when Nancy and Jim Chuda sought answers for their daughter Colette’s tragic death from a non-hereditary form of cancer and determined environmental toxins were to blame. The parents met with environmental groups, celebrities, and government officials to protect children from the devastating effects of toxic substances in the environment. 

They’re responsible for tons of easy efforts to get you involved or simply educate yourself to keep your kids safer. And now we love this new one: Signing up to host a Healthy Child Party this May.

For a $25 donation to cover shipping, they’ll send you an informative DVD and a big ol’ box of safe and healthy product samples. Then you invite ten families over to view the DVD and share the snacks and cleaning products with the other parents and kids. They even have a page with party resources, including an Evite image, hosting brochure, and great party tips.

Now of course this is not for everyone. We’re thinking this as the kind of get-together for friends with babies too young to focus on the DVD–or perhaps better, for tweens old enough to care and maybe come up with an effort to help. Clearly a 4 year-old doesn’t need to sit still in front of a video learning about GMOs.

If your Facebook feed is a minefield of moms angry about those GMOs, artificial dyes, childhood allergies, and unexplained diseases and disorders–you know who you are–this party is a compelling way to spread knowledge and help take ownership of the solution.

Our kids might love the sugar highs they get from birthday parties, but one day, they’ll thank you for helping make the world a safer place for them to play. –Delilah

For more information, visit Healthy Child, Healthy World where you can sign up to host a Healthy Child Party.