Clothes might make the (little) man, but there’s something about cool hats, sunglasses and other accessories that can dial up the wardrobe a notch. Who says girls get to have all the fun?

Spring Accessories by Appaman at Cool Mom Picks

Browsing around at one of my favorite cool-kid indie clothing labels, Appaman, I was so happy to see another great brand that hasn’t forgotten the stylish little dudes in our lives.

The future’s so bright…yeah, you know the rest.  Appaman’s sunglasses for kids are better made and longer lasting than thost $5 drugstore ones they’ll break in two seconds. There are some smart black glasses (at top), but we’re digging these retro-cool Rockabilly sunglasses and uh, one of their mothers may just have owned a similar pair way back in the day. Just saying.

If checkers are going a little far for you, check out the kids’ aviator glasses. Ready for the Danger Zone?

Boys' accessories: Railroad Cap | Cool Mom Picks

If your little boy hates hats as much as mine does, maybe a killer newsboy cap will sell him on the idea of cool. This Railroad-striped one would look amazing on top of my son’s mohawk and they hold up really well, season after season. It’s also available in plaid and black for that perfect “little dude dressed like a grandpa” look. Which I love.

Belts can be so blah, but this khaki canvas one would turn any kid into a mini Dave Grohl. Combine with cargos and a skater shirt. Possibly some teeny Vans? Fauxhawk or ponytail is totally optional.


With a picture this boss, do we really need to tell you how cool fedoras are on little dudes? Yeah, didn’t think so. This Summer straw version is also available in natural and brown in sizes from little dudes to age 10.

If you dig the more classic look, this fisherman’s hat is well-made and will only look better with a little dirt and worm juice rubbed in. Because let’s face it– boys will be boys, and their accessories need to work hard. And rock hard.


Visit the Appaman website for all kinds of cool accessories for boys…and great ones for girls, too! Also, visit our archives for cool clothes for boys. Plenty more where these came from.


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