Baby's First Year Calendar on Cool Mom PicksI am a planner: to-do lists, calendars, and Post-Its rule my universe and make me feel complete. You would think that I would have been all over the baby book record keeping, right?

Looking back, I think it was a commitment issue, the same way I never feel right about writing in nice journals. The concept was just a little too permanent and formal for my freewheeling, note-scribbling self. So while I might have to tune into my husband’s YouTube channel to see what my babe was doing when, I have found the perfect solution for others looking to chroncile this precious period in a way that feels, well…less precious.

Baby’s First Year Calendar from the Homeseed paper goods Etsy shop is the perfect baby book alternative for people like me who are living more of a quick-jot-it-down kinda lifestyle.

First Year Baby Calendar Cover at Cool Mom Picks

Baby's First Calendar at Cool Mom Picks

Simple and easy, this lovely, illustratd blank calendar leaves it to you to fill in your milestones and notes from the baby’s first year, however you like. Nana hererolled over! First tooth! Flew on a plane!–you name it.

The calendar includes some of the bells and whistles of standard baby books, but in a much more accessible (and much less daunting) way. I love how the birth info page is spelled out so you just fill in your wee one’s particulars, boom. I also appreciate the way the calendar includes places to add photos, but not for every month; just one for birth and one for the first birthday. Now that’s totally doable.

Each month also has a page for dreams/thoughts/observations/feelings which I think is fantastic. Most baby books ask you a million questions about every little thing, but here? Just write whatever feels right. Things like: This is the month I went back to workit was a hard adjustment and I missed you or I started to lose the baby weight and feel like myself again.

Or even just “We are in awe of how we love you more every single day.”  Stephanie M

Order Baby’s First Year calendar from artist Kristen Dake’s Homeseed Etsy shop for just $28.50.