First thing each morning my kids usually plop themselves down at our kitchen table and proceed to sketch, color, and print until they’re practically late for school. I love how focused they are on their little projects. I also love that it gives my husband and I some peace and quiet while we prepare for the day.

Having just discovered The Secret Garden coloring book, I think I’ve found the perfect way to enrich their morning art party (and my quiet breakfast) for weeks to come.

The Secret Garden is an “inky treasure hunt” filled with elaborate black and white images just begging to be colored. The pictures are so lovely, I can even imagine framing some of them, colored or not. And I love that tiny creatures hide within each image, waiting to be revealed by the artist.


Secret Garden coloring book on Cool Mom Picks

I also love that this book has multigenerational appeal. It’s not just a coloring book, by any means. Some pages have space where the garden is incomplete so kids (and adults) can create a little flora and fauna of their own. What a perfect book to have on hand for last-minute gifting.

Needless to say, I’m also already bracing myself for the arguments over who gets to color in it first.

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