With patio season finally here, my thoughts turn to warm summer days lounging in the backyard, sipping margaritas while the kids play cooperatively in the sandbox. Sure, the last part is but an impossible dream, but there’s nothing to stop me from making the lounging and the margaritas happen. And I think I know the perfect deck chair in which to lounge quite stylishly.

Gallant and Jones eco deck chair | Cool Mom Picks

The beautiful chairs and stools from Gallant & Jones are nothing if not drool-worthy. They are handmade in western Canada from North American White Oak, which, I have now learned, is both water- and rot-resistant. Kind of handy in an outdoor chair, no?

The fabric selection is incredible. Gorgeous bold prints like the Huron Deck Chair for fashion forward types and muted, classic stripes like the Cabin Deck Chair for those who appreciate more timeless pieces. Plus, you can remove the fabric and pillow easily to clean and store them (or even update them if you’re in the mood for a new look), which is a mandatory for parents like me. Because let’s be honest–the kids are going to totally take them over.

Gallant and Jones deck chair colors | Cool Mom Picks

And with every chair purchased, Gallant & Jones donates a tree to be planted. I love that.

While a bit pricy, they’re eco, practical, and definitely beautiful. The only thing missing, really, is the margarita. –Stephanie S.

Find beautiful eco-friendly outdoor furniture at Gallant & Jones and make this summer’s lounging extra sweet.

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