Yum-V's Multi-V milk chocolate vitamin on Cool Mom Picks

I grew up eating the vitamins of a certain prehistoric cartoon and turned out pretty okay. Still, now that I’m a mom, I’d love for my own kids’ vitamins to be a bit more naturally sourced. And maybe not so, well, chalky.

Yum-V’s Multi-Vitamin Jellies are totally delicious and soft, packed with good stuff and not the artificial ick. They get their softer chewiness from pectin, not gelatin, which makes them not quite as sticky on the teeth–something my forever-losing-a-tooth grade-schooler really appreciates.

Yum-V's multivitamin on Cool Mom Picks

Now, no artificial colors means your brain may need a second to realize that the happy natural orange bears are actually grape-flavored, not orange. The flavor is bright and a bit tart, but with no weird medicinal aftertaste. Two daily bears and older kids (and you) will get your RDA of Vitamins C, D, B6, and a majority of the other B’s and Folic Acid. 

For kids with allergies, Yum-V’s Multi-Vitamin Jellies are milk, egg, wheat/gluten, and soy free–but please note they are not safe for kids with peanut allergies.

Multi-V’s are a milk-chocolate flavored multivitamin that may just coax some kids into gobbling up some good stuff, though I found the flavor to be a little weak and less delicious than my grownup palate had hoped. Either way, natural vitamins that are less likely to rip out the kids’ (or Mommy’s) fillings? Yes. –Christine

You’ll find Yum-V’s Multi Vitamin Jellies and Milk Chocolate Multi-V at Vitacost.com. 


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