Lately, we’ve been loving this trend of personalized embroidery hoops for babies. And now, we love this troop of adorable animals that will be a major hit for unique kids’ room decor.

Cute hoops on Cool Mom Picks!

These Personalized Embroidery Hoops from Otak on Etsy are a fun way to add a pop of color to a kid’s room. Each hoop is a little over five inches wide and can be personalized with a hand-embroidered name, and your choice of four animals on various background fabrics.

The hoops can go super girly, traditionally boyish, or as gender-neutral as you wish. And we love how easy they are to hang with nothing but a thumbtack. Plus, if you’re totally set on an animal that’s not listed, you can always contact the artist for a new design at an additional price.

I’m looking for a pangolin on plaid, myself. You? –Delilah

Find personalized embroidered hoops from oktak on Etsy.

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