In a small house like mine, things have a tendency to pile up. Knickknacks and papers find coffee tables and countertops and sneak their way into every nook and cranny that doesn’t have a pile of stuff already on it. I suppose I could try to get a bigger house, but what I really need is better storage solutions. Like these amazing baskets.

find your happy scandi on cool mom picks

The gorgeous baskets from Find Your Happy Design on Etsy are all handmade from found materials, appealing to my eco-sensibilities as well as my fondness for great design.

find your happy waste paper on cool mom picks

I love that the designer creates the baskets in named series. While the Natural & Neon series incorporates bright shocks of pinks and yellows, the Waste Paper Basket series is made entirely from junk mail. Amazing.

I also love the Modern Scandi series (at top) featuring natural rope and colored twine and looking decidedly Scandinavian.

find your happy neon on cool mom picks

A few of these baskets scattered around my house would amp up my organization levels for sure. Not to mention the instant boost to my interior design cred. –Stephanie S.

Find beautiful upcycled baskets for all your growing piles of stuff from Find Your Happy Design.


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