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When there is a new board book from Taro Gomi, I am always interested. Because that means a near guarantee that I’ll have fun reading it to my kids too. And hooray–the prolific writer/illustrator has not just one but three great new board books out.

Wiggle by Taro Gomi is a delightful little board book which, in the spirit of Pat the Bunny and other “interactive” books, allows you to stick a finger through a hole and wiggle it, creating a cat’s tail, elephant’s trunk, crocodile’s fang and more. No plot, no surprise ending–just fun for the youngest babies and toddlers.

His other new board book releases include Hide and Seek, which lets kids find objects “hidden” in animals (like a glove as a rooster’s comb) and Peekaboo, which not only gives you a fun fact about each creature, but turns into a series of pop-up masks kids can look through.

The interactivity is so great for getting kids engaged in reading early, and boy, it’s nice to have a few alternatives to Goodnight Moon. –Liz

Find Wiggle by Taro Gomi and other board books at our affiliate Amazon or at your local independent bookstore.


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