We’ve always loved supporting the Etsy artists making handmade birthday crowns and hats for birthday parties and special days thereafter. (Like, Tuesdays. Or Fridays.) But here’s one, in honor of all the royal baby talk this week, that just may take the candle-covered cake.

Handmade birthday crowns and hats by Mosey | Cool Mom Picks

At Mosey on Etsy you’ll find a remarkable array of birthday decor, including some of the most exquisite and imaginative handmade party hats and birthday crowns I’ve ever seen.


Mosey handmade birthday crown for boys | Cool Mom Picks

Themes include space travel, woodland critters, and of course the traditional prince/princess for a day, complete with felt and ribbon adornments like butterflies, fairies and stars. You can also order a 6-pack of party hats should you want to send home every guest with something with more longevity than a paper hat with a broken elastic strap.


Personalized party hats by Mosey | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized birthday crown by Mosey | Cool Mom Picks

Handmade felt birthday crown by Mosey | Cool Mom Picks

Handmade felt party hat by Mosey | Cool Mom Picks

Mosey handmade birthday crown | Cool Mom Picks

Happy birthday girl with Mosey crown | Cool Mom Picks

I especially like that the resuable party hats and crowns really are handmade to order, and so can be personalized with a name, initial, or birth year, making them even more likely to come out of the costume box for imaginative play, long after the party is over and you’re done sneaking crumbs from the cupcake wrappers.

Find gorgeous handmade party decor including felt birthday crowns and party hats online at Mosey on Etsy.