I’ve loved Shokay since I first discovered their gorgeous baby clothes and gifts, all made from a yak hair cashmere that’s unbelievably soft and gorgeous, and all made sustainably to support Tibetan artisans. Now they’ve redone the site and made the leap into a lot of great fashion-forward accessories.

Shokay necklaces | Cool Mom Picks

Shokay handmade necklace | Cool Mom Picks

I love the Turkana necklace, which is all knit out of bamboo, cotton and yak hair. (And yes, I wish there were a sexier term for “yak hair,” the way we don’t call cashmere “goat hair.”)

Shokay shawl | Cool Mom Picks

There are also some spectacular shawls and scarves, like the spring/summer-weight black and white Folia shawl which is so on trend, and will honestly look great in any season. I’m already pining for one to stuff in my bag on my next airplane ride.

Shokay striped shawl | Cool Mom Picks

And if your home is what needs the accessorizing, check out the gorgeous made-to-order knit pillows which need to have signs hanging off them that read: Keep All Juice Boxes 20 Feet AwayLiz

Shop Shokay for gorgeous women’s accessories and more, or buy the ones featured here directly through the Cool Mom Picks Luvocracy shop which helps support our site. Same price!

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