When I’m out and about with my three kids, the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not my stroller will be able to handle whatever it is we’re doing that day. Will it fit through the doorway at the bank? Will it get stuck in rocks, mud, sand, or snow? Will it fold up easily and fit into our car?

I have always been a huge fan of Mountain Buggy strollers, but now I love their strollers even more with this clever new addition.

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The new MB Mini is a perfect stroller for anyone looking to get all stroller needs met by one simple stroller. It’s also the perfect stroller when you want to know for sure it can handle whatever you throw at it–and in it!–each day.

First and foremost, it’s slim and very lightweight at less than 18 pounds. This is the first stroller I’ve ever pushed (and I’ve pushed a lot of strollers) that’s as simple to push with one hand as it is with two; invaluable for parents who know one arm is often busy with something or another.

I also love the “kerb pop” feature, which refers to the ease with which this stroller can pop up onto a sidewalk, front-wheel first. They claim it’s some kind of engineering feat dealing with optimized weight distribution, but to those of us pushing the stroller, it’s just a handy convenience to not have to pop up back-wheels first.


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Lots of little things add up to make this stroller extra great, too: plenty of under-seat storage, a big sun canopy, an easy new one-handed fold, a mesh back option for hot days, plus car seat compatibility, so you can use this stroller from day one.

Even the fact that the harness is tail-free (as in, no hanging straps for baby to chew on) is awesome. Truly this stroller is everything you need, all packed into a super-lightweight and super-slim package.


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I think if you’re really tall, you might want to test-push this stroller at a local baby boutique before buying because the handle is fixed. Mountain Buggy touts this as a benefit because there’s no fussing with adjusting it–but it could mean the stroller may be too low for some, especially those taller dads and granddads.

My only issue with this stroller, really, is that the front wheel doesn’t lock. Yes, I’d normally only use the swivel wheel, anyway, but there are occasional snowy days that call for a locked front wheel so I can push hard through the muck. I imagine that removing the locking mechanism is one of the ways Mountain Buggy has cut back on the weight of this stroller and for the few days I’d actually use it, it’s not a huge deal, but it is a minor drawback to be aware of.

Otherwise, though, the Mountain Buggy MB Mini is such a perfect option for a family that doesn’t want to break the bank on a stroller purchase. And doesn’t want to break the bank’s doors on the way in, either. –Stephanie S.

Want to stroll your little one in the new MB Mini stroller? Learn more about it and all the nifty accessories you can get to go with it on their website, or a boutique near you.