So here’s a chore I haven’t been missing this summer: packing endless school lunches. Argh! Trying to come up with variety and good nutrition for my kids drives me nuts. I’m already looking for new ideas for the coming school year, and I think I’ve found a pretty clever source.

Boxtera monthly snack subscription service at Cool Mom Picks

Boxtera is a monthly subscription service that delivers a big ol’ box of healthful snacks to your doorstep. Because of its focus on nutrition and overall health, Boxtera’s items are made from natural ingredients and minimally processed. They’re mostly organic and gluten-free (and sometimes vegan, too).

In each monthly box of goodness, you’ll receive a whopping 20-22 different kinds of snacks, including off-the-beaten path snack products like Bitsy’s Brainfood Lemon and Broccoli Smart Snacks, Health Warrior Chia Bars, gluten-free granola bars, and much more, including brands like Wild Ophelia, Chia Bar, Brad’s Raw Foods and Dick & Jane’s Educational Snacks (gotta love those Presidential cookies!). Best part? The samples are full-size, not piddly little packs you can barely squeeze just one bite out of. Great not just for school lunches, but also for on-the-go weekends and those last-minute summer car trips.


Boxtera | Cool Mom Picks


Now on to the pricing. Yes, it’s expensive. You can either order on a month-to-month basis for $35 a month, or extend to a longer-term subscription that brings the monthly price down a bit. While I can’t envision subscribing on a really long-term basis due to cost, I think trying Boxtera for a couple months is a great way to discover new, good-for-them snacks they’ll love.

And as I start thinking ahead to a new school year–and the endless school lunches I’ll need to pack–reinvigorating our family’s snack options sounds awfully good. Jeana

Find cool new healthy school snack options with Boxtera.