We’ve made no qualms about expressing our love for Beaba’s cool baby feeding products, from the awesome BabyCook Pro (included in our Baby Shower Gift Guide) to their folding bottle-drying rack. So when we found out that Beaba had entered the realm of diaper bags with a new line, we knew we had to check them out. The verdict? Nice work, Beaba.

Beaba New York diaper bag at Cool Mom Picks

The new line of Beaba Diaper Bags is definitely a departure design-wise for the company, but, hey, we love a good surprise. These diaper bags come in several new styles with our favorites being the New York (shown above) and the Stockholm Open Diaper Bag. All of the designs offer the same roominess and super handy features.

I love the cold-weather look of the New York bag, especially for moms out there getting ready for fall and winter babies. It’ll really suit any urbanite on the go with that quilted down parka look that’s so popular–something you might be used to seeing in the designer 7AM Enfant line, though for more money.

Beaba Stockholm Open diaper bag at Cool Mom Picks

If you’re looking for a simple, practical diaper bag, you might want to look at the Stockholm Open (above). While the style is very minimalistic, this bag really shines when it comes to storage, sporting a whopping five external and four internal pockets, giving you lots of options for storing all of the little bottles, toys, and snacks that we mamas get saddled with every day. It does come in a sporty all gray option, but I definitely prefer the version with pink handles which is less drab.

Beaba Stockholm Open diaper bag at Cool Mom Picks

The most impressive feature of Beaba’s new bags is that they open to a very wide-mouthed 180 degrees–talk about roomy! How many times have you found yourself fumbling in the dark abyss of your diaper bag, hunting for your baby’s favorite pacifier (which is inevitably jammed in the bottom corner)? With these bags opening flat, it’s a cinch to find whatever you’re looking for, with side inserts to keep it all from falling out when you do. Cue the group sigh of relief.

All Beaba bags are PVC-free and come with accessories like a washable changing mat, an anti-bacterial pacifier storage case (although, aren’t they all anti-bacterial until you put a dirty pacifier in them?), an insulated cooler and a bag for dirty laundry which you know will come in handy, says this BTDT mom.

While a dad or grandpa might not want to haul around a pink diaper bag, there are additional cross-body straps, plus stroller straps for when you’re on the go. Our one complaint though is that if you carry these bags, you’ll have a giant BEABA logo on the front; we tend to prefer more subtle logos. Even if it’s Chanel.

Welcome to the diaper bag game, Beaba. We look forward to seeing what’s next. Jeana

Beaba Diaper Bags can be purchased from your local indie retailer in your area or from our affiliate Amazon.