We’re always happy when one of our favorite companies surprises us with a cool new design. P’kolino has done just that with a perfect new perch for your favorite little reader.

Leave it to one of our favorite brands to win us over again with their new Reader Children’s Chair. We know that the junior version, The Little Reader Chair, is wildly popular with the toddler crowd. But now kids 4 and up can get in on the cozy action with the “grown-up” version (should 4 be grown-up), in bold, graphic new styles and patterns. I’m partial to the cool vertical stripes inspired by skateboard designs, myself.

The chairs may only take your child to about 7 or 8 years old, depending on his or her size, and you can order a new cover should yours get icky over the years. And boy, they are adorable–I would love to have a grownup version of the pink one.

pkolino reader chair in pink on cool mom picks

These P’kolino chairs are beautifully made, as ever. You’re definitely paying for that quality, because they’re priced like real furniture at just over $100. But a few years of a special place where your kid loves to read? That’s worth it, in my book. –Shari

Order the Reader Children’s Chair in a variety of colors on the P’kolino website.