I’m a sunscreen addict. I won’t leave the house unless I’m slathered with the sunscreen. (And you wouldn’t be mistaken if you saw two kids leave my house in the mornings looking like they were dipped in white paint.) But finding moisturizing lip stuff with good SPF? Not so easy. So I’m a little happy dance about this new one from Sun Bum.

Sun Bum Lip Balm SPF 30 at Cool Mom Picks


The SPF Lip Balms from Sun Bum are just the ticket, packed with moisturizing ingredients like aloe and vitamin E, but with the added benefit of serious sun protection.

I’ve always been a little wary of chemical sunscreens on my skin, and I confess Sun Bum does have some in its ingredient list–though it’s mercifully free from petrochemicals. But I don’t want to walk around with smeary white lips, either. If I’m going to spend time in the sun, I’d rather to wear something with sunscreen rather than nothing at all. Plus, I can’t resist the fun Sun Bum lip flavors: forget cherry; you’ll find pink guava, pomegranate, mango and key lime, all anice way to keep summer in your purse year-round (and remind you it might be time to schedule a pomegranate martini date with your best friend).

With the cute design and nourishing formula, these are a perfect must-have for tweens and teens, too–from beach bags in the summer to school lockers in the fall. –Melissa

Sun Bum Lip Balms are $3.99 at Trustthebum.com.