So here’s something I didn’t know: More than 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line right now. And of those 46 million people, 23% of them are kids. So we’re very happy to support a company that helps kids living in poverty to head back to school knowing someone’s got their back.

State Backpack | Cool Mom Picks

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No kid should have to carry their school things in a plastic trash bag. But after witnessing children in NYC doing just that, the husband-wife founders of State were inspired to do something that would make a tangible impact.

State Backpacks | Cool Mom Picks

A for-profit company with a non-profit mindset, State started the GiveBackPack program–an initiative that addresses the immediate needs of American children living in impoverished communities with the get-one-give-one approach we’ve seen with Tom’s Shoes, Warby Parker, and One Laptop Per Child.

For every backpack purchased on their site, State hand-delivers a backpack to an American student in need. And they’re pretty cool-looking backpacks–I’ve got my eye on “The Durham” style for my own second grader.

It doesn’t stop there though. Bag Drops–think motivational pep rallies–are where State’s “PackMen” (experienced child development specialists) empower kids badly in need of social support. And online, kids can earn badges representing core values of acceptance, leadership, knowledge, conservation, courage and health. Every time a child tells State how he or she is living those values, State sends out a badge the child can rock on the backpack with pride. -Pilar

State Backpack | Cool Mom Picks

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