With an ever-expanding belly and a baby coming any day now, I’m already wistfully thinking about those blissful days when we didn’t have to suck in our bellies. (Ha.) I’m hoping to have some semblance of stomach muscles left after the delivery, but if not, I’m relying on this product from soon-to-be mom of four (whoa!) Rosie Pope, to help get that stomach flat–or flat-ish–while helping a great cause.

Organic Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope | Cool Mom Picks


We’ve ben fans of Belly Bandit for years, and now they’re partnering with baby guru celeb and friend of Cool Mom Picks Rosie Pope to create a new organic, limited-edition version in pink (of course) specifically to support breast cancer awareness. The Organic Belly Bandit by Rosie Pope offers the same postpartum belly benefits as the original version, with the added bonus of helping women with breast cancer.

The Organic by Rosie Pope | Cool Mom Picks

Basically you wrap it around your mid-section and it applies medical-grade pressure to help reduce swelling, get those extra fluids out and reshape your body. It works for those who have had C-sections, too. And no, it doesn’t give you muscle tone without working out–it’s not one of those crazy infomercial products from the 80’s.

While I’m encouraged by this promise, I’m even more encouraged by the philanthropic motive behind this version to donate a portion of all proceeds to the Shades Of Pink Foundation. It’s nice that the company is using The Organic to make a real difference in women’s lives and not just their bodies. Jeana

The Organic by Rosie Pope is available for $69.95 from the Belly Bandit website. And congrats Rosie on pregnancy number four! If you need any tips on parenting four kids, Kristen is happy to help. 

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