We have a saying in our family: sticky is icky. It applies to gooey hands and chunks of granola bar in the car, but it also applies to labels. I hate scraping sticky sticker residue off anything. Ever.

Which is why these labels are so cool. When you’re done with them, they literally disappear. Magic…or pretty darn close.

Wash Away labels | Cool Mom Picks

When I heard about the new Wash Aways from Mabel’s Labels, I was highly skeptical. Write on the label, peel it off, stick it on…then wash it away with water? No way. So I tried it. Several times. And the dang things keep disappearing. Mabel (whoever you are), you’re a genius.

Wash Away labels | Cool Mom Picks

The labels are a little small and only come in the range of neutrals above, but…come on…they disappear completely. We tried them on water bottles, a casserole dish, and glasses, and in each instance, the labels washed away easily and quickly leaving absolutely no goop behind. 

You can even leave it up to the dishwasher to make them disappear. Plus, they’re microwave-safe and freezer-safe and work with pretty much any sort of pen. Making them pretty much perfect for potlucks, daycare, camp and school, mason jars. You know: everywhere you don’t need a label that sticks on for all of eternity. Because ugh, hate washing off labels from mason jars when the homemade jam is done.

Each of Mabel’s Wash Away Labels has two lines, one blank and one for the date, and they’re currently on sale at $9.99 for 24 labels–good price but definitely not for labeling your regular old freezer bags

I know what I’m getting the Southern women of my family for Christmas! They’ll never take home the wrong potluck dish again. –Delilah

Find Wash Aways at Mabel’s Labels


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