If you’re like us and visit Gilt every day (fine, three times a day), to find chic new items for your wardrobe, home, or kids, you’ll be excited to hear about a new feature they just launched to make your shopping experience even nicer.

As if getting great deals weren’t enough, Gilt’s new “Your Personal Sale” will present a curated 24-hour sale designed just for you on a daily basis. As in…you!

Basically they look at your past purchases and browsing history to figure out what will be interesting to you, so when you log in you’ll see a collection of sale items that are tailored right to your taste. The more you have used the site (even just window shopping), the more personalized your sale items will be, not only in terms of brands and categories, but also sizes and styles.


Gilt "Your Personal Sale" Feature | Cool Mom Picks

Better, there’s a Netflix-style (very basic) rating system at the bottom of the page, so you can tell them whether the site “entices you” or not, and why, and they can use that info to better tailor your recommendations.


Gilt "Your Personal Sale" Feature | Cool Mom Picks


And if you use the Gilt mobile app for iOS (though oddly, the feature isn’t on the Android version yet) your personalized info will be there too. Yay, I get Cynthia Rowley!

Aside from all this, there’s a new Gilt Insider program that helps you earn points towards perks like free shipping, early previews, or waitlist priority, which can be helpful when someone else snatched up that last size 7 ankle boot that you were dying for. You start with 500 points, and earn them with basic actions like visiting the site 5 weekdays in a row or referring friends–so you can see how the gamification benefits Gilt, as well.

The one thing they’re stil lagging on a bit is social sharing. Sites like Zulily and Joss & Main are making it super easy to share or pin to Pinterest. Hopefully that will come next.

However if you haven’t been to Gilt in a while, it’s a good time to visit again. It’s one of the few flash sale sites that has really maintained quality in terms of brands and selection. Especially for kids, which can be tough–although the personalized recos in that category haven’t hit just yet.

Look at this adorable Catmini children’s bedding on sale right now, or the beautiful inspirational prints for kids’ rooms.


catimini kids bedding on gilt | cool mom picks

inspirational prints for kids rooms on gilt | cool mom picks

It’s all so well curated for style-minded parents, even while similar sites are showing off a whoooole lot of ruffled leopard print pageanty clothes. Love seeing brands we’re huge fans of like JacadiErgo CarriersMacLarenGiddy Giddy, Beatrix NY, and a whole lot more.

Just don’t say we didn’t warn you. We are not responsible for all the extra buying you’ll likely be doing. Jeana

If you’re not yet a Gilt member, use our invitation link to join. Otherwise log in to your account; Personal Sale items should already be available for Women and Men categories. Home and Kid categories will be following soon. 

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