Welcome to our next daily reader question, where cool moms get to share their opinions and ideas with other cool moms. (Dads welcome too.) Today, we’re asking about all your lottery-winning, surprise-inheritance, found-ten-million-dollars-in-a-coat-pocket dreams.

We want to know: If you were suddenly mega-rich, and could afford to hire ONE person to work for you full-time, who would it be? A private chef? A chauffeur? A live-in nanny? A Grammy Legend Award winner to serenade you at dinner every night?

(You don’t have to write-in “an honest financial advisor.” We’ll give you that one for free.)

Just click the purple BEGIN button below to get started. Your answer is completely anonymous and we have no way of knowing who’s who. It’s just for fun.

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Top image: The Storyteller Agency.co on Unsplash