Back when we started this site in 2006 (and we have the archives to prove it), messages for kids were all about irony, irreverence and sass. Over the years, it’s been thrilling to see the trend turn towards positivity, encouragement and smarts. And not even in a cheesy, “Hang in there, it’s almost Friday!” kitten poster kind of way.

brilliant embroidery hoop art on etsy | cool mom picks


I love the embroidery hoop art from Athena and Eugenia on Etsy, and while there are a few wonderful pieces for various places and spaces, these in particular would be so great in a child’s room.


embroidery hoop art shine on | cool mom picks

embroidery hoop art viva la vida | cool mom picks

The truth is, it’s nice to give your kid a positive message. Personally, I see the “brilliant” hoop more like an inspirational “strive towards brilliance” as opposed to “my kid is brilliant, nyah-nyah-nyah.” But whatever works for you. –Liz

Find embroidery hoop art and more cool kids’ decor online at Athena and Eugenia.