Fun fact: scurvy can make your teeth fall out, which means that many pirates had the same problems as our gap-toothed elementary school kids. So what a perfect little way we’ve discovered to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Pirate tooth fairy plate | Cool Mom Picks

This ceramic Tooth Fairy Dish hails from CMP favorite mom-run shop The Brick Kiln on Etsy, and makes tooth-to-booty transformations cute and easy. Plus? How great to find one that doesn’t have a fairy on it for our sons (and daughters) who may not like such things. Even if they do like the actual tooth fairy. 

You can personalize the name, hair color, and shirt color of your mini-pirate’s plate. The next time your little Smee loses a tooth, leave the plate out with the tooth in the dish instead of storing it under the pillow. Which sounds great to me, as I almost get caught, every time.

In the morning, a couple of doubloons might be waiting. Yarr!

There’s a 3-4 week waiting period, considering the personalization. And if you’re not into pirates, they also have princesses, regular kids, firemen, and more. But if ye be lookin’ for a place to trade teeth fer booty, X markes the spot.-Delilah

Find this Pirate Tooth Fairy Plate at The Brick Kiln on Etsy.


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