I admit that I can get a little “boo humbug” (heh, get it?) when it comes to holiday-themed goodies for kids. Because with four little ones running around, hey, I need to get one for everyone…which is perfectly fine with me if it’s something they can use well beyond Halloween season, like these adorable personalized plates and bowls.

Personalized Halloween Plates | Cool Mom Picks

I can already hear the screeches (from my kids, that is) when they see these personalized Halloween plates on the table from CMP-fave The Silly Wagon. And considering we’re big ghost and ghouls fans here, they won’t mind if I serve their meals on them in November or December either.

Halloween plates for kids | Cool Mom Picks

Personalized ghost plate | Cool Mom Picks

Since they’re completely custom made with whatever name (initials or nickname) you want, make sure to order soon to get them in time for Halloween. Kristen

You can order the personalized Halloween plates at The Silly Wagon.

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