No milestone may be more exciting than hearing a baby's first word. Whether it's "ba" for ball, "da" for dog, or a perfectly articulated cronut (it could happen) it's a thrill to see kids starting with the basics and building from there. Which is why we love finding wonderful resources for capturing and documenting them. 

1. Write it down 
You think you'll remember your baby's first word forever but those of us parents with more than one can assure you that's not always the case. (Sorry second children!) Be sure to document it somewhere, from a blog to a baby book.

Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal | Cool Mom Picks

There are of course sentimental, classic baby books from the likes of Binth, Molly West, or Rag & Bone Bindery; but we also love the less traditional options like the hilarious Parenthood Listography, or Lambeth Hochwald's super practical Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal


2. Use photography

J Davis Squared Monthly Baby Photos | Cool Mom Picks

[baby photo via J Davis]

We recently featured ways to capture baby's first year in photos but instead of just writing out age or weight, try the first words. Dress your baby really simply, and prop her in front of a chalkboard with that special first word written out and the date. Each month...keep going. It will be so fun to see the list of words grow by leaps and bounds as the week pass--and it will!


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babyGap love you shirt | Cool Mom Picks

We love this baby Love You shirt!

3. Buy a piece of art

modernPOP ABC Prints | Cool Mom Picks

First words tend to be simple objects: Mama, ball, dog, cat, cookie. Search etsy for a great piece of inexpensive artwork featuring that very thing, or spell it out with something like these bauhaus alphabet prints from ModernPOP and you'll know the special meaning the word has to you.


4. Use tech

Kapture recording bracelet | Cool Mom Picks

Now that we're fully immersed in the smartphone age, you have a built-in microphone and video cam ready to go in your handbag at any time. For a really cool option, check out the brand new Kapture audio-recording wristband that continually records on a 60-second loop. If you think your baby's getting ready to start babbling, keep the band on and you could end up capturing that very first beautiful word. Talk about bragging rights. 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsor babyGap for sponsoring this series and helping us celebrate the joy of early parenthood. To see more of their new collection of baby clothes and gifts, check out our Baby Shower Gift Guide