I’ve been smitten with Wunway since I discovered their lovely, non-hoochie clothes (it’s true) for girls earlier this year. It’s no surprise I’m loving their new collection of girls clothes, but since my 9-year old picks out her own outfits these days, I thought I’d let her browse the website and share her own 7 favorites and why she loves them.

I promise, I didn’t edit her one bit.

Bellanie tutu skirt (above): The length of this skirt is so unique and not like other skirts of its kind.


Wunway Etoiles girls' top | Cool Mom Picks

Etoiles top: 100% cotton means it’s very soft (What? That’s just my decision. I’m nine for pete’s sake!).


Wunway Lilia girls' leggings | Cool Mom Picks

Lilia Leggings: One word. Durable. Very durable. Okay maybe that was two.


Wunway Leanie girls' leather jacket | Cool Mom Picks

Leanie Jacket: Leather jackets are always in style. Plus, it’s toasty.


Wunway Pommie Necklace | Cool Mom Picks

Pommie Necklace: Big pink beads! Who doesn’t like pink?


Wunway Betsy girls' cardigan | Cool Mom Picks

Betsy Cardigan: The belt is soooo colorful!


Wunway Kannie High Top Sneakers | Cool Mom Picks

Kannie High Top Sneakers: Cute! Black! Wedge! Perfecto!


You can find the entire Wunway fall/winter collection of clothes for girls on their website.

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