I’ve been smitten with Wunway since I discovered their lovely, KID-appropriate clothes (it’s true) for girls earlier this year. Since my 9-year old picks out her own outfits these days, I thought I’d let her browse the site and share her own 7 favorites and why she loves them.

I promise, I didn’t edit her one bit.

Update 2021: Wunway is sadly longer in business (as of 2021) so we’ve updated links to include similar (or the SAME) items from other shops. Hope it helps!

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Cool clothes for 9 year old girls: This tutu skirt, via Primary in tons of colorsPrimary

Tutu skirt for girls  So many great colors of this tutu skirt from our friends at Primary — and love that they have them in larger sizes, as in cool clothes for my 9 year-old girl, since often they’re made for toddlers.


Where to find a cool star tunic like this one for a 9 year old girl | Cool Mom Picks

Star a-line dress for girls from Nununu: A favorite for my 9 year old!Nununu


Star Tunic: This shirt at top is so much like the star tunics (and other items with big, bold stars) that funky brand Nununu made classic (like the star tunic-shaped A-line dress below). And now they’re available at Nordstrom! And Bloomingdales! 100% cotton and SOFT, which is a big deal for a 9-year old! Also they go up to size 14.

You can also find a pink and navy star tunic from Maisonette up to size 8.


A 9 year old girl picks her favorite clothes for a 9 year old girl - durable leggings in every color from PrimaryPrimary

Solid Leggings in Every Color: One word. Durable. Very durable. Okay maybe that was two. Primary makes them in sooo many fantastic colors, they’re super affordable, and a 9-year-old girl will wear them 4 seasons. So get them in a few colors!


Favorite 9 year old girl clothes from my own 9 year old girl: This cool, faux leather jacketLola + The Boys

Fun faux leather jacket: Leather jackets are always in style, but faux leather jackets are far less spendy. Plus the hearts make it so fun.


Pom Pom Necklace: A favorite gift for 9 year old girls, picked by a 9 year old girl | Cool Mom Picks

A 9 year old girl picks her favorite clothes for 9 year olds, like this pom pom and zebra charm necklaceTrendy Tot

Pom Pom Necklace: Big pink beads! Who doesn’t like pink? This one (at top) is no longer avail, but we found very similar ones on Etsy, like this one from Darling Daughter’s Shop for just $15!

Below: we’re fans of this fun zebra charm and pompom necklace from The Trendy Tot — and it comes in all kinds of colors. Just in case your 9 year old girl doesn’t like pink.


Favorite clothes for a 9 year old: Geox high top black platform sneakers Geox

Geox High Top Platform Sneakers: Cute! Black! Platform! Perfecto! Also, conveniently at Zappos.