I have a confession to make: I used a grocery cart cover obsessively with my first child. Now that that’s out of the way, I have another confession to make: I never used one with my second kid. And with my third? Not a chance. But the germaphobe in me would have loved to. I just couldn’t stand carrying that big, bulky thing around. But now there’s a very cool option available–and I definitely would have taken this with me everywhere.

If only the Cool Wazoo had existed way back when! This intriguing new product isn’t just a shopping cart cover. It’s a change pad, a restaurant high chair cover, and a playground swing cover, too. All that, and it folds up easily to fit in a diaper bag. Heck, if you’re traveling light, you can even pack diapers in it and call it a diaper bag. (Although I guess you’d have to find somewhere to put the diapers if you then wanted to use it as a shopping cart cover.)

Cool Wazoo as swing cover at Cool Mom Picks

With pretty designs and an instruction book that makes every step simple, this handy little product would be an excellent shower gift for a first-time mama. Yes, the name is a bit odd, and I’d prefer if it didn’t have the giant label on the front, but the idea is a good one. (And you can always take off the label, right?)

Cool Wazoo as diaper changing pad at Cool Mom Picks

I know the second and third timers (and beyond) may still probably laugh at the idea of carrying anything more than a diaper and a few wipes. But, hey, some of us anxious types will rest a little easier knowing our kids aren’t touching the still-wet booger from the last kid in the cart. (Yeah, that’s the way my mind works.) Stephanie S.

Get your own Cool Wazoo and choose from three stylish prints that won’t call too much attention to your germaphobic tendencies in the grocery store.


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