If your kids are like mine, they are completely obsessed with making Rainbow Loom bracelets, which means your house is covered in those teeny, tiny rubber bands. Well search no longer! Here, lot of ways to organize Rainbow Loom bands and hopefully keep them on their wrists and off your floor.

You could use plastic jars orĀ mason jars to store rainbow loom bands, if you’re anal and want to separate everything by color. Though you’ll want to make sure they’re fairly easy for your kids to open, unless you want to always be on call during bracelet making time. Label the tops if you want the kids to try to keep the pinks separated from the oranges for more than a day.

Rainbow Loom storage ideas | Cool Mom Picks

Head to your local craft store and check out the bead section for a craft organizer, or you can find this particularĀ bead boxĀ online at Amazon. You’ll want to check to see if some of the pieces are removable which will allow you to make room for the loom and hook. I’d grab a couple of sizes; one for home, one for travel.


Rainbow Loom storage bag idea | Cool Mom Picks

I actually love the idea of using a hanging toiletry bag to store and organize rainbow loom bandsĀ (this one at the Container Store)Ā especially because they can lay it on the floor while they’re working but then hang it up in their closet when they’re done.

Rainbow Loom storage box | Cool Mom Picks

A craft storage tool box is perfect for someone who’s got multiple rainbow loom kits and lots of bands, as is thisĀ Plano tackle boxĀ above, which also comes in pink. I especially like the lock that makes it a little harder for a nimble toddler like mine to open. (Both at our affiliate Amazon)


Rainbow Loom storage case | Cool Mom Picks

And if you want a way to simply transport your Ā loom, or it doesn’t fit in your tackle box, you can stash your rainbow loom in a flat iron travel caseĀ likeĀ this handmade one from Lia Catherine Style on Etsy. That button or clasp is key if you plan to travel with it–unless you want to be cleaning rainbow loom bands off the floor of the airplane an hour after everyone else is off.

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