The older we get, the more aware we are of having more mindful clothing spending habits. The hot leather pants for $300 that you’ll wear for one season? Yeah, not so much. *Besides, we’re not sure we have hot leather pants bodies anymore.) So we’re thrilled that our dear friend, fashion-industry veteran, and cool dad Pierre Kim co-founded Ivory Row which is filled with gorgeous cashmere gifts that are meant to become wardrobe staples for life. And no surprise, we’re smitten.

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Along with his friend and fellow fashion maven Grace Chang, Kim wanted to create a line of higher end cashmere knitwear that was modern but still timeless, and more affordable than comparable pieces of the same quality, because they cut out the middleman and let you can purchase right from their site. In other words, no in-store mark-ups to $600.

We’re not even kidding about the $600, by the way, which is what they could be charging.

Each sweater is created from the best yarn and fabrics that the big designers use, only without the designer label. And wow, the result is well–something we’d both like under the tree this year. Here are our personal favorites, in case you need a little help choosing which one (or six) to add to your list.

Liz’s Picks: 

Ivory Row black turtleneck sweater | cool mom picks

The ribbed cashmere turtleneck is one of those winter staples that is so perfect in its simplicity. It’s great with jeans or a leather mini and I love the charcoal as a subtle break from the black I can’t seem to walk away from.

v-neck shawl bottom sweater ivory row | cool mom picks

They call the cashmere v-neck with shawl bottom rib the  “sexy version of the boyfriend sweater” and I’ll buy that. Get your gal one of these and she’ll absolutely live in it. It’s a classic shape but the longer back keeps it on trend. And I love that subtle detail of the hem in front–look closely.

Ivory Row ombre cashmere sweater | cool mom picks

I know, I know–I have to branch out and away from the neutrals (it’s the New Yorker in me!) and the ombre crewneck is the sweater to do it. The shade of red is gorgeous, and the stripey fabric reminds me of the popular burn-out tees.Plus I love that it hangs straight and clean; I hate when sweaters bunch up over a too-tight bottom hem.

Kristen’s Picks: 

Ivory Row boatneck sweater | cool mom picks

I’ve had my eye on the boatneck cashmere crew since the site launched. It’s a neckline that’s flattering and everyone. Plus, the shorter length makes it hip paired with jeans or dressed up with a skirt

Striped sweater from Ivory Row | cool mom picks

This looks like a simple striped crewneck sweater sweater but then you see the zipper on the back and all bets are off. Sexy surprise, but a great look from the front too.

short cardigan ivory row | cool mom picks

I tend to shy away from cardigans, which can be too preppy for my taste, but I am surprised at how much I love the shape of the short cashmere cardigan. Much more modern and versatile, and the style just makes me want to curl up in front of a massive fire in a swanky ski lodge with some (spiked) hot chocolate.

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