Tracking down the best printable 2014 calendars online for you was so much fun this year. Because right up there with the fall tradition of splurging on school supplies, picking out a new calendar has always been one of my favorite shopping moments of the year. The truth is, now instead of limiting yourself to a few picked-over selections at the stationery store, there are thousands of printable calendars online to fit every taste. If searching through all those possibilities is overwhelming, rest easy. I’ve curated a list of the best designs the web has to offer.

Free printable calendar from Elli | Cool Mom Picks

Modern Printable Calendar by Elli (at top)
Free, one page per month
This printable calendar has a clean, crisp look, and it inspires me to make some plans for the new year. I love the notes column along the side of each page, where you could write important dates like birthdays, vacations, or other major events.


Printable calendar by Sophie Benoit | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Calendar by Sophie Benoit
$9, one page per month
I love the fresh, modern look of this 2014 calendar by Sophie Benoit, which has a dozen images that are inspired by organic material—seed pods, forget-me-nots, waves, wheat. The files are sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper, and the artist has other designs available on her Etsy shop too.


Printable Wild Things calendar by Febystan | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Wild Thing Art Print Calendar
$5.75, one year per page
Maurice Sendak inspired nursery art was one of our very favorite home decor items for the kids this year, and we’re loving this fabulous, one-page calendar for 2014. This prints on 11 x 14 paper, so it’s perfect to hang in a kid’s workspace.


Printable Fairy Tale 2014 calendar by Ireneagh | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Fairy Tale Women Calendar
$9.84, one page per month + cover
The lovely stylized ladies on each page of this beautiful 2014 calendar by Ireneagh will be perfect in my daughter’s room. They make me think of fairies and ice and peacocks and water. In fact, I think I’ll ask her to write me a short story about each one of these fascinating faces.


Printable French 2014 calendar by Zugalerie | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Modern French Prints Calendar
Free, one page per month
Ooh, ooh! I’m such a sucker for calendars in foreign languages. And I love this design by Zugalerie. Even more amazing—it’s free. The only hitch is that you have to check back each month for the next calendar; she doesn’t make them all available at once.


Printable vegetable calendar by Pertfertre | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Veggie Calendar
$8.44, one page per month
This adorable veggie-themed calendar by Peutfeutre would be a perfect printable to hang from your refrigerator door each month for quick reference. And your kids will love looking at all the funny expressions, trying to figure out what’s happening to these little food people.


Printable 2014 calendar by Snapfish | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Folk Art Collection Calendar
Free, one page per month
This fun folksy art print comes from Snapfish, of all places. It shows you your month in list form, so you can quickly see all your important to-dos in one place. And they’ve also designed meal planning pages and weekly calendars, if you prefer to plan your time out that way.


Printable black-and-white calendar | Cool Mom Picks

Minimalist Black & White Printable Calendar
$5, one page per month
The simple black-and-white geometric patterns on this mini-calendar (it’s only 4.3 x 2.5 inches) are perfect for a modern, minimalist workspace.


Printable Pantone 2014 calendar | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Pantone Calendar
$10, one page per month
We always get a little geeky when we get wind of the new Pantone colors of the year  so I love the idea of this calendar based on their 2014 colors. And the minimalist typeface—as it should be.

Printable Calendar by Design is Yay | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable Kids’ Calendar from Design is Yay
Free, one page per month
These bright prints from Design is Yay are adorably cute, in a cool modern way. I’d attach these to my wall with colorful washi tape and they are so perfect for a young child’s room.


Kitchy black-and-white printable calendar | Cool Mom Picks

Vintage Paris Black & White Printable Calendar
$5, one page per day
This fun design from Kitschy Digitals reminds me of the amazing art of Edward Gorey, but with a fashionable Paris-in-the-20s twist. I’d hang this calendar up in my closet, making notes of what I wear to parties or meetings so I don’t repeat and end up in a fashion rut.


Time quotes printable calendar | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Great Thinker Calendar
$7.99 (or free with t-shirt purchase), one page per month
If you’re a Dr. Who fan who doesn’t quite want an airbrushed, photo-montage calendar of the 11th doctor, you might enjoy this calendar. Each month features a quote from great thinkers—from Albert Einstein to Dr. Seuss—on the way we think about time.


Printable day planner by Sam Osbourne | Cool Mom Picks

Printable Daily Planner
$2.50 GBP, one page (to be reused each day)
This mod daily planner page designed by Sam Osbourne has everything you need to get through your day, except that morning cup of coffee. It has sections for daily appointments, meal planning, household chores, to-do’s, and those critical things that have to get done today or else. It might just be the perfect daily planning page!


Printable Calendar 3D display | Cool Mom Picks

Free Printable 3D Town Calendar Printable
free, entire year in one display
I am totally blown away by this fun 3D calendar! As the year goes on, you keep adding months to the display, which adds to the detail of this village. I have never seen anything like this, and the kids would love waiting for each month to change so they could get crafty.


Printable Calendar from Mr. Printables | Cool Mom Picks

Free Interactive Craft Calendar for the Kids
free, one page per month + plus lots of fun add-ons
This free printable from Mr. Printables is designed to be completely interactive for you and the kids to work on together. The files include the blank calendar grid, plus colorful numbers for each day of the month, season blocks, and special squares for birthdays and other big dates.