At the moment I am sitting on the couch in front of a roasty fire. There’s snow outside, Sarah McLaughlin is on in the background (guilty pleasure, don’t judge), and I’m draped in my new Aden + Anais Bamboo Daydream Blanket. You guys, this is the life.

Aden + Anais swaddlers have been one of Cool Mom Picks’ top choices for essential baby gear since we first helped break the news about their launch in 2006. So when I heard about the Bamboo Daydream Blanket, a larger version of their luxury dream blankets, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

This couldn’t be further from the itchy woolen throw my grandmother put over her sofa.It’s so luxurious that, when I’m home, I’ve basically toted it from room to room so I’ll have it with me all the time. I honestly considered saying it was a “wrap” and taking it with me to my in-laws’ for dinner the other night. It’s that comfy.

Bamboo Daydream Blanket in Plum | Cool Mom Picks

Bamboo Daydream Blanket | Cool Mom Picks | silver

Four layers of rayon made from bamboo—sustainable, yay!—makes it soft, and it comes in four beautifully modern designs you’d expect from this brand. And you know how you want a blanket to be heavy, but not hot? Soft, but not flimsy? Cuddly, but still pretty? This is the one. It’s really, really lovely.

Now, let me warn you. This is luxury, not heavy duty. No picnics on this in the back yard. And I’m not going to leave this lying around the house for my kids to destroy; my boys can be particularly rowdy, and I’m not sure I’d want them to snag it with their action figures (the weave is somewhat loose). But it will be perfect to lay across my down comforter or, say, cuddle up with in front of the fire.

Find the Bamboo Daydream Blanket at Aden + Anaias or order from our Amazon affiliate.