We love yummy scented bath products here at CMP, especially ones that are kid-safe and eco-friendly. In my personal quest to go a little more organic in the new year, I’ve found a great new line of bath products from the UK that smell great, lather up nicely, and don’t cost a bloody fortune. Even better, I can even find them in my local Target, and if don’t want to leave my warm house, I can order them from the Target website too. Nice.

Dubble Trubble comes to us via London hair stylist Daniel Galvin Jr, and I like them so much, I can even forgive the goofy spelling of the words double and trouble. (And I’m happy they didn’t try to add bubble in there too.)

Their 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash goes on nice and thick but doesn’t take forever to wash off, something my super-dry winter skin really appreciates. I haven’t tried their Detangling Conditioning Spray, although I wish I had it when my sensitive-scalp daughter was younger, since it would’ve made our post-bath hair brushing about 10,000x more pleasant.

Coming in kid-friendly smells like watermelon, strawberry, banana-berry, and cherry, Dubble Trubble’s scents are fresh and not cloying, nor will they stick around all day long like fruity perfume. And I think Cool Cucumber is lovely for us grownups, with a fresh scent that reminds me of spring.

Made with natural and organic ingredients and botanical extracts, please keep in mind that some scents, like Cherry Bomb, do list added colorings, like Violet 2 and include the commonly used preservative methylisothiazolinone — making these scents best, in my opinion, for kids who no longer try to eat everything that comes near their face.

But for my older crew, they think Dubble Trubble’s 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash is pretty great. And given how hard it is to get them to take a shower, I’m just happy that they are actually using soap.

Check out Dubble Trubble’s bath and hair products at Target.com. 

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