Growing up in the age of The Official Preppy Handbook, I coveted Izod shirts and monogrammed sweaters. While my mother agreed to the Izods, she argued that a monogrammed sweater was a waste, since we knew no one else with the initials JRW and couldn’t hand it down. As a mother myself now, I can concede that she had a point.

But if Match My Monogram (and, uh, the internet) had been around back then, I might have scored someone else’s outgrown JRW-emblazoned sweater.

This smart site helps gently used monogrammed items find matching initials in new homes. Just search by initials or name from Abby to Zachary and check out what’s available including clothes, totes, and even iPhone cases. There may be nothing today, but tomorrow you might find a treasure. Or it could take a few months; after all, you’re operating at the mercy of other people’s hand-me-downs.

It’s also great for unloading items that your own kids have outgrown (or never wore), as long as they are in great shape. That “Madison” tee that seemed kitschy to you, may be just what someone else is looking for.

Check out Match My Monogram to see if your kids’ initials or names are in stock today. 


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