Whether your heart is in San Francisco, Madrid, or some little town on the outskirts of Quebec, a piece of custom map artwork for your beloved would make a most heartfelt gift for Valentine’s Day. Created by Bombus — that neat London-based company whose wooden storybook letters we recently discovered — their bespoke framed artwork is sentimental without being sappy. Plus, how cool would it be to show the kids that Mommy and Daddy met right there?


Custom map heart art from Bombus | Cool Mom Picks

Globetrotters who can’t settle on any one spot should check out their trio of hearts, shown above, or the round-the-world 16 hearts (though now I think you’re just bragging.) Or go for one singular heart created from a vintage map, either framed or unframed, to commemorate the site of your first meeting, honeymoon, or maybe the place you promise each other you’ll go after you finish paying for braces and college.

You’ll find Bombus’ heart map artwork in their Etsy store.