I’m continually amazed at the advances in baby gear since I had my youngest three years ago. And this Zipit playsuit for babies are a perfect example of the genius I totally missed out on.

Not only do I love the bold colors, I’m digging how the ankle to chest zipper makes it a cinch to change a diaper. If you’re like I was, with a very active baby and early walker, you know how annoying even simple snaps can be. Don’t even start on buttons. Just a quick zip with this playsuit though, and you’re done.

Even better, there’s a discreet opening in the back so you can do the well-known and highly overrated poop check. No bum sniffing necessary; just peek in the opening to see if a diaper change is order.


By the way, look around the site where are also very cute romper dresses with the same easy zipper system that are totally worth a look.

While all the clothes at the shop are definitely on the higher price range for a romper, they do come packaged adorably making them baby shower gift-ready. Besides, if there’s anything I’ve learned with four babies, a sanity-saving item like this is often worth the price.

You can purchase the Zipit Happy Playsuit and other cute baby clothes on the Zipit website in one of four cute colors. If you’re buying this as a gift, you’ll get your playsuit packed in a sweet gift box free. 

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