There are many times I’ve considered permanently covering the floor in butcher paper to protect it from the ketchup and rice that always miss my kids’ mouths at mealtime. Same goes for those days my son paints on his easel. Although I’ve considered sacrificing a few old patchwork quilts sent to us as baby gifts, I another option is the chic, wipeable new Posh Play Mat. 

Unlike most kids’ play mats that come in juvenile patterns, the Posh Play Mat is made with PVC-free faux leather (so no carcinogens) and embossed with a faux reptile pattern that’s very Fashion Week 2014. It’s the kind of play mat that I’d happily keep underfoot even if company was coming over. Rather than the primary colors found on your typical play mat, the color spectrum here includes elegant shades of grapefruiteggplantturquoise and a pretty pink.  Plus they’re super easy to clean,  with just a swipe of a damp paper towel or a baby wipe and you’re good to go.

Posh Playmat for kids' art projects | Cool Mom Picks

While this stylish play mat doesn’t come cheap at all at $98, if you’re the type who invests in stylish kids gear, this can be used for pretty much every potentially messy situation:  as a picnic blanket once the weather heats up, for tummy time, or for indoor crafting time for older kids.

In fact, with all of these snow days, I’m not waiting until Mother Nature decides she’s had enough. I think we’re going to have a picnic on the living room floor.

Protect your floor–and your tot’s tushes–in style with an eco-chic Posh Play Mat. Thanks to the company for providing us with one for review.




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