It’s been a while since we found a cool pair of kids’ chopsticks to feature around here, so I’m excited to have discovered Chomp Stix. Especially considering I have children who ask to eat our local sushi restaurant–despite eating like two things on the menu–simply to use the “kid chopsticks” the owner makes them with a rubber band and chopstick wrapper.

The Chomp Stix does it one better, with three brightly colored, adorable designs, each durable and dishwasher safe. Look closely and you realize they take the shape of a shark with lots of teeth (for the youngest kids who need the most help), an alligator with fewer teeth, and a totally toothless pterodactyl named Teri, whom our Associate Editor Christine suggested may have gone extinct for that very reason.

The thing I might like best: the company name comes from the founder’s seven-year-old son who thought that chopsticks were called chompsticks in the first place.

Alligator Chomp Stix kids' chopsticks | Cool Mom Picks


They’re all super comfortable in the hand, sturdy, and seem like they’ll hold up well, even when your toddler tries to stretch it wide enough to pick up a basketball. And hey, if he can do it, maybe he’s ready to move up to the real thing.

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