Cutesy food isn’t my thing, but I’m a sucker for easy muffin tin recipes. Real kid- and grownup-friendly food portioned in just the right size is just too fun to resist, especially when the mini factor can make dinner more appealing to picky eaters. Give one of these 6 tasty recipes all baked in muffin tins a try, and you’ll see: Make it small and they will come.

Always a sucker for the unconventional, I’ve got to start with the Mini Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taco Bowls (above) from Keepin it Kind. Kristy use the underside of the muffin tin to make these tacos which, by the way, are totally vegan. Make them as-is and surprise your omnivores, or improvise by adding cheese or chicken. Hard to go wrong.


Easy muffin tin recipes: Taco Cupcakes at The Girl Who Ate Everything | Cool Mom Picks

If you’re looking for more traditional taco inspiration, look no further than this Taco Cupcake recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Refried beans, meat, and cheese, oh my–but with a little less mess than a class taco and a fun bite-sized package.


Easy muffin tin recipes: Mini Meatloaves at Dashing Dish | Cool Mom Picks

The Mini Meatloaves from Dashing Dish are a classic example of muffin tin recipe magic. Easy, well portioned, and delicious. At least if you have meatloaf lovers int he house.


Easy muffin tin recipes: Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs at Oh My Veggies | Cool Mom Picks

These Broccoli Parmesan Meatballs at Oh My Veggies are a great vegetarian alternative to meatloaf and, more than that, a super creative way to serve up broccoli. And what family cook doesn’t need something like that in his or her back pocket?


Easy muffin tin recipes: Mini Crab Cakes at Bon Appetit | Cool Mom Picks

My kid go nuts for this Mini Crab Cake recipe from Bon Appetit. Personally, I love how they turn out so pretty without me having to roll them and pat them and fry them into oblivion. Just plunk in the muffin pan and bake. Dinner doesn’t get better–or party appetizers, for that matter. Perfect for entertaining, right?


Easy muffin tin recipes: Petite Lasagnas at Can You Stay For Dinner | Cool Mom Picks

You’d think that these Petite Lasagnas from Can You Stay For Dinner would be fussy to make, cutting lasagna noodles to size and all. But—get ready for this—the recipe uses wonton wrappers instead of pasta. This genius moves makes cooking lasagna a snap, with hardly any prep work at all.