You know that we cool moms are way into both food and technology. And we know that you cool readers are, too, which is why we’re excited to share the Foodini 3D Food Printer, one of the coolest and geekiest kitchen appliances we’ve encountered, ever.

When I first heard about Foodini, I couldn’t quite imagine what a 3D food printer was or how it might work. Allow me to explain the magic: The Foodini comes with capsules that you fill with all-natural, whole food purees (think baby food) that the printer treats like ink. Pop the filled capsules into the 3D printer, select a recipe, and watch an artful dish—or pizza!—come to life

Foodini 3D Food Printer | Cool Mom Picks

Foodini food 3D food printer: How it works | Cool Mom Picks

Foodini: 3D food printer pizza recipe | Cool Mom Picks

What’s the point of carefully printing a gorgeous, edible design? Foodini can make some of the more tedious tasks of scratch cooking, like using a cookie cutter to shape a batch of homemade fish crackers, forming ravioli or shaping intricate cookies, a whole lot easier. More than that, the makers of Foodini say that it’s intended to make cooking with healthy, whole ingredients fun again.

I must admit, I’d love to play with one.

I can imagine 3D food printing taking over the world of haute cuisine, like a new kind of molecular gastronomy. But the funny thing is, I can also see this being a killer family kitchen gadget, if a pricy one. We parents know that presentation can make the difference between kids trying something new and freaking out at just the thought, and the Foodini is the ultimate fun presentation machine. I mean, look at these dino shaped spinach quiches at top.

And talk about getting kids in the kitchen: My boys would freak out to tinker with Foodini.

Get in on the Foodini 3D Food Printer Kickstarter campaign while you can: there are less than three weeks to go and they still need your support to make this magic machine a reality.

You can learn more about the Foodini 3D Food Printer on their Kickstarter page where they are still working towards their funding goal. You can show your support with as little as $1, but if you’re feeling like a big spender—like really big spender—you can pledge $999 or more to count yourself among the first owners of a Foodini, which is expected to retail for a whopping $1300.