My favorite Mother’s Day gifts from my children are the ones they make themselves. Not that I’d say no to jewelry, but if you’re looking for a terrific gift for mom from the kids, I think I’ve found the perfect, affordable, sentimental keepsake. The Amazing Mom DIY picture book is a fabulous gift idea from the kids. There’s a simple story told across each of the 14 pages, with plenty of blank space so that kids can bring it to life with their own drawings. Wonderful!

While overall there are some really lovely thoughts in the book (“When my mom tells me bedtime stories, the characters come to life”) just be aware there are also references to Mom planting seeds and baking desserts which–well, let’s just say not every mother falls in that camp. (Hi.) But hey, if it were my kids, they’d probably cross out bakes and write in buys and then there’s one more way the book would be all their own.

It’s the same way I used to buy Mother’s Day cards for my stepmother and write in  –ish to make it “Mother-ish Day.”

Gift for Grandma from the kids: Grandma is a Superhero DIY book

Similarly, there’s a DIY picture book for grandmothers called Grandma is a Superhero, which has your Nana or Uma or Mom-Mom flying over rooftops at night in a costume and cape, making rain to put out fires, and earning the gratitude of the fire department. What Grandma wouldn’t love reading that story to the kids over Facetime at night?

Find the color-your-own  Amazing Mom and Grandma is a Superhero books at My Sweet Muffin for $12 in time for Mother’s Day.