With a second grade mermaid in my house who hates showers but loves her long hair, I often find myself at sea when selecting a shampoo and just found it with a wonderful new 100% vegan shampoo for kids.

Most baby shampoos aren’t qualified to care for big kid hair, but many of the big kid shampoos aren’t gentle and safe enough for tender areas that will soak in the bath for an hour after washing. The Bubbly Babies products from Oh My DeVita Baby, however, have been working wonders for us. The shampoo comes either lightly scented with Calendula (my pick) or completely unscented, but both formulations perform equally well. Bubbly Babies is super gentle, all natural, and free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, and any animal by-products or fillers whatsoever.

The formulation isn’t super bubbly (ironic considering the name), but it does a great job at cleansing hair without over drying and without causing  irritation or dryness when used in a bath, should your little mermaid like to splash around until the water is cold, like mine does.

My only request? A matching conditioner, please. Those mermaid curls get tangly.

Find Bubbly Babies Shampoo and Body Wash at the DeVita Skin Care website or search for a store near you.

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