We cool moms love great subscription boxes for kids. We also love a good meal kit delivery. Put the two together and you’ve got Kidstir, a clever new cooking kit for kids delivered to your door every month that’s aimed at getting them excited about cooking and eating good food, something we’re on board with too.

That pretty much makes Kidstir my new favorite thing. Fortunately, my kids agree.

The parents behind Kidstir bring together the fun of kids cooking classes with the delivered-to-your-door convenience of kids’ cooking magazines like ChopChop. And, as every busy parent knows, fun and convenience are a beautiful combination. Each Kidstir box is created with kids 5- to 10-years-old in mind and comes with kid-friendly recipes focused on fresh, nutritious ingredients organized around a theme like Snack Happy, which is the box that my kids and I got to try. Recipes included homemade honey bear granola bars, homemade fish crackers and, our favorite, an orange fizz drink.

Kidstir cooking subscription boxes for kids | Cool Mom Picks

In addition to monthly recipes, the box also comes with kid-sized tools to help make sure that your kids get involved in the cooking, plus a premium ingredient of some kind. Our Snack Happy box came with two fish shaped cookie cutters for the crackers and a small honey bear with all-natural honey from Utah for the granola bars.

The rest of the ingredients called for in the recipes were pretty much pantry staples like flour, oats, and butter, which made cooking fairly easy, even on a whim.

Your first Kidstir delivery comes with a welcome kit including a personalizable binder to store all the recipes that come month after month. And they’re worth saving, too. Printed on quality paper with pretty illustrations and great photos, the recipes, games, and other info sheets are super appealing. I can totally imagine my 7-year-old pouring through it over and over, keeping careful track of every cheese that he’s tried (he proudly checked off “feta” first) and reminding me of the many ways that we can use his new cookie cutters.


Kidstir monthly kids' cooking kits - info cards

The only problem is that while one subscription is enough for my kids to share, one binder isn’t. Maybe I’ll force them to have an Iron Chef-style cookout to see who gets to put their name on the binder. This idea is my own, by the way; Cool Mom Picks does not endorse pitting your children against each other when knives are involved.

(Ed note: Yes we do. Sometimes.)

Also be aware that this is not the kind of box you can just hand over to entertain your kids while you do the laundry or catch up on Game of Thrones. While the kits do come with fun games (like how to say “cheers” in several languages, a maze, a chart for tracking all the colors you eat in a day), the point is to get cooking, and, if you ask me, the kids in the age range who’ll be most interested in this are kids who still need oversight in the kitchen But, hey, I like cooking. Which makes this a spectacularly perfect gift for kids like mine.

The best part is that Kidstir also throws in some materials just for fun. Funny mustache straws anyone? Clearly, they know that inspiring a love of healthy food also means keeping it silly in the kitchen. And, after all, there is no other proper way to sip on an orange fizz.

You can subscribe to Kidstir for $19.95/month through their site. You’ll only pay for the first month to start. Subsequent kits are automatically billed monthly and you can cancel at any time. If your kids aren’t into Kidstir after a month or two, just cancel. It’s that easy. But I think they’ll love it.