You might know the Mama Mio skincare line for pregnant mamas, and Mio is their new “high intensity” line aimed at helping your skin become more fit and healthy, which I’m pretty sure is code for anti-aging. The A Cream is a firming body cream that promises to tighten, moisten, and generally fortify skin while giving it a nice glow and soft scent. 

It’s great as an after-shower lotion, especially on my pasty, dry, winter-dull legs as I prepare for spring dresses. But what really impresses me is how well The A Cream works at soothing sunburn.

Confession time: I came a lobster recently, after just four hours at the beach…without SPF. The sky was cloudy, so I only put sunscreen on my face and décolletage. And then the sun came out turning me into a red, burning lobster. The hotel lotion left me hot, itchy, tender, and awake half the night. But when I got home and had my husband rub The A Cream into all my burned spots, the redness went down, the itching stopped, and the cream’s cooling sensation finally let me unhunch my shoulders and relax. It’s even better than that sticky, numbing aloe vera gel. In short, it’s the de-lobster-fier. 

As with all Mio products, it’s free of parabens, petrolatum, synthetic colors and fragrances, estrogen disruptors, and pthalates. Instead, it’s packed with oils and high-quality anti-aging ingredients. I’ll be honest: Mama Mio’s signature scent is not my favorite (though some on our staff claim to like it so that’s clearly subjective) however I have seen excellent results from every product I’ve tried. Especially the A Cream which is now going in every travel bag I pack, as a way to help repair my skin and not just soothe it.

Just don’t confuse it with the A-Team, though it’s just as helpful. Even if it doesn’t come with Mr. T.

Find Mio’s The A Cream firming body lotion at Mio.

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