Superheroes are big right now, but let’s not forget the Power Rangers, who have kicked their way through 20 television seasons of 17  themed series, not to mention two movies, and all in body-tight Spandex. If you’re worried about Rita Repulsa or the next set of Kaiju, you’ll want a Ranger in the house in this Pink Power Ranger onesie, even if all she can do is waggle her arms and coo.

The Pink Ranger has been there since season one, is known for gymnastics moves and empathy, and her 100% cotton costume (complete with tutu) isn’t nearly as revealing as some of the other heroines of comic-dom. It’s available in sizes 6m to 18m, which means that each time your baby morphs into a bigger baby, you can power up with a new suit.

Watch out for Lord Zedd, mamas. He probably has a spit-up monster somewhere in his arsenal.

Find the Pink Power Ranger onesie at ThinkGeek.


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