We are always so happy to find companies that give back, especially when they make something that we would totally want to buy anyway. That’s why we are absolutely delighted to be partnering with Yoobi, a wonderful new school supply company that makes the kinds of very cool school supplies kids look forward to picking out–all while giving back to the schools most in need around the country.

That’s something we care about deeply.

Here are just a few of the items we love, should you be thinking school supplies now. (Do it! Beat the August rush!) You can find them all exclusively at Target stores. What’s really special is that for every item you purchase, Yoobi partners with the Kids In Need Foundation to add one product to a Classroom Pack. When the box is packed with 30 essential supplies, it gets shipped off to a select US school so they have every folder, eraser, scissors, crayon and bottle of glue they need for the year.


Yoobi pink heart pushpins help support classrooms in need

Pink heart pushpins

Cool school supplies from Yoobi - buy one, one donated to a US classroom in need. Pushpins, fuzzy pencil case, pens, jumbo highlighter, writing journal

Cool school supplies from Yoobi - buy one, one donated to a US classroom in need.

 Index card holder, ruler, binder, writing journal, eraser, pretzel eraser, pencil sharpener, fun paper clips, pens, glue stick

Yoobi Gel Pens help support classrooms in needSet of 12 gel pens

paper clips by Yoobi help support classrooms in needFun blue paper clips


Cool school supplies from Yoobi that give back

Fuzzy pencil case, markers, folder covers, pencil sharpener, school glue, index card holder

By 2015, Yoobi is hoping to have supported 30,000 classrooms–and that’s a whole lot of kids who don’t necessarily have the means to stock their own school with the same supplies. It especially helps those teachers considering so many of them are spending their own money on classroom supplies these days. Actually, 92% of them. Ugh.

We can’t think of a better reason to hit Target for school supplies right now. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to talk to our own kids about how fortunate we are to have things as basic as pencils, that other kids may not.

Infographic: Teacher Spending on School Supplies | Yoobi

Check out the whole selection of school supplies that give back at Yoobi.com, and find them exclusively at Target. Every item you buy helps donate an item to a classroom in need.