Yesterday we shared a fun page of free printable coupons for fun little family surprises that won’t break the bank (or even require a bank at all). And as promised, we’re excited to offer another free page of awesome printable coupons we designed on behalf of our sponsor Cracker Jack. Put them all together and you’ve got one awesome gift for any reason at all. You might even get hugs.

(No guarantees with regards to moody 13-year-olds but worth a shot.)

Free printable family coupon ideas: One birthday cake for no reason | Cool Mom Picks

Free printable coupon ideas for family surprises: 15 minutes of screen time | Cool Mom Picks

The best part: none of these ideas will cost you more than $20, and most are totally free. Just print, cut, and you’re ready to make someone’s day much better. Dare we say fabulous?


Free printable coupons for little family surprises that are free or close to it| Cool Mom Picks


Download the free printable PDF here. Coupon page © Cool Mom Picks for Cracker Jack. You may download and print for your own personal use only. They may not be reproduced or hosted on another blog or website. We’re just trying to do something fun for our readers so uh…have fun? You deserve it.


EXTRA COOL: The Surprise Inside Project ends July 31 and you don’t want to miss entering. Head over to our sponsor and share your own ideas about how you’d like to surprise your family for under $20. We know you’ve got plenty of creative ideas up your sleeves. (Our readers are always so creative.) Cracker Jack will pick hundreds of winners, and if you’re one of them, you’ll get your own custom box filled with everything you need to bring that fun surprise to life. Just visit their site for all the details and contest rules.


And don’t miss our other set of free printable coupons for family surprises along with 12 ideas for cool family fun all under $20.