I don’t have much space on my kitchen walls these days (I blame it on that folder that comes home on the last day of school filled with more art than my kids could have possibly created in only one year). But if I did, I know exactly what would be going up there. Food photographs!

No, not the Instagrammed, look at my meal type of food photographs. I mean lovely (and hopefully even inspiring) food photographs. The kind that feature parsley and dill and cinnamon, oh my.

Food photographs by Temporary Dimensions: Cinnamon sticks | coolmompicks.com

Right now, there are a few charming kitchen art images available at the Temporary Dimension Etsy shop, but my favorites are the Herbs photo and the Cinnamon one.

Because they would be so pretty on a kitchen wall, these food photographs would make the perfect hostess gift. Which means even though my house is currently overflowing with art, I might just grab a couple, anyway. Besides, if I try hard enough, I’m sure I can squeeze one on my wall. Right between the Minecraft drawing and the preschooler’s self-portrait.

Get spicy food photographs for your kitchen wall at Temporary Dimension

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