When I was a kid, my mom put me in sewing camp for a week one summer. My style has since progressed from the neon purple and pink poufy overalls I made then, but I still craft — and I still need some inspiration from time to time. For a fashion-forward take on all things DIY, I’ve been turning to the easy tutorials on PS, I Made This a website filled with easy DIY tutorials which all pack a lot of style in just a few simple steps.

Erica Domesek is the creative talent behind this site, which is full of stylish, attention-getting projects, like a brushstroke tank top, an Aztec printed tee, graphic printed napkins, a denim wrapped bangle bracelet, or even iPhone cases or a tablet clutch. They’re projects you’d actually wear or use, with easy step-by-step tutorials.

One of the best things about this site is that you don’t need an MFA to complete the projects. You can use existing materials or things you can easily find at a craft store. Easy, but still really cool.



Easy DIY tutorials from PS I Made this: Brushstroke tank


Easy iPhone DIY tutorial at PS I Made This


Easy DIY tutorials from PS I Made this: Graphic printed napkins


Now they’ve partnered with Indego Africa to source beautiful hand-sewn patches from local artists in Africa as part of their #PSxIndegoAfrica collection. They’re the kind of thing I’d buy and think, Whoa, these are so fun. Now, what do I do with them? That’s where PS, I Made This comes in again. Erica offers up some clever DIY project ideas, including a DIY necklace,  jean jacket and maybe my favorite, the DIY clutch bag project shown below, that will definitely score you some compliments.

Check out the Indego Africa Lookbook for some gorgeous photos that help explain the inspiration and meanings of the icons used in the crafts.

Tiger patch by Indego Africa for DIY craft tutorials at PS I Made This

PS I Made This: tiger patch clutch easy DIY tutorial

Obviously with so many craft and DIY tutorials, not every project will be up your alley. (None of us see wearing the Flashdance style cut-out sweatshirt any time soon.) But with so much inspiration, surely you can find something that calls your name. And maybe makes even you dust off that sewing machine you got as a kid for summer camp.

Visit PS, I Made This for all kind of easy DIY tutorials, plus buy all four sets of handmade African patches through their partnership with Indego Africa, and find the DIY tutorials for how to use them.

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