Ever get the feeling that a new stroller will cost about as much as baby’s future college education? Stroller trends over the years have certainly made it seem that way. Which is why I love finding awesome strollers at prices that won’t prevent our little geniuses from actually being able to go to college, and the brand new GB Ellum stroller is one of them.

We’re talking, the $200 range. And that’s pretty darn good these days.

It’s a simple stroller, perfect for city strolling — so no off-roading with this one — and designed specifically for “fashion forward parents.” Heh. I’m quoting the press kit here, but that’s just their way of saying it’s as cool-looking as it is functional. What I love most about it, though, is that the GB Ellum is a full-size stroller, but it gets super-compact without sacrificing function.

The stroller folds really easily to get so compact, which is always a bonus for those of us who have humiliated ourselves trying (and failing) to fold a stroller in public. They call it the kick-and-lift fold, and though the woman in the demo video doesn’t hold back when giving it a swift boot, I’ve found it’s really not about force, but about swiftness. A gentle but direct hit to the release mechanism and the stroller collapsing.

Don’t get scared off by that description–I can do it in flip flops.

GM Ellum Stroller review on CoolMomPicks.com: Lightweight, compact, and affordable

GM Ellum Stroller review on CoolMomPicks.com: A terrific everyday stroller at a really nice price

As for the ride, The GB Ellum stroller is smooth and fun to maneuver, turning on a dime and easy to push with one hand, which we parents know is crucial. The straps buckle and release simply and comfortably, and the stroller has an awesomely generous canopy that lets in air flow, and is a breeze to expand. As for storage, it’s not bad at all. I love the design of the under-seat storage basket. Since there are bars at the back that interfere (only slightly) with access, they’ve made the basket accessible from both front and back.

There aren’t a lot of color choices right now. The stroller comes in a charcoal and red called Fuzion, and a bright Raspberry, but they do happen to be quite nice looking. And for you moms of newborns, yes, the base does accommodate both Graco and Chicco baby seats which means it’s useful right from birth, so there’s no need to buy anything extra.

Now, it’s not likely to get you through major snowstorms or over particularly rocky or grassy terrain, but for about $200, the GB Ellum stroller will do pretty much everything else. Including allowing you to call yourself a fashion forward parent, evidently.

The GB Ellum stroller is currently sold exclusively at Babies”R”Us, where it just so happens to be on sale right now for $189.99. Thanks to GB for providing a sample to us for review.

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