My son would drink juice all day long if I’d let him. I obviously don’t, because wow, there’s a lot of sugar in juice, but I know he wants something tastier than water all day long. So this week we’ve been trying out the Define fruit-infused water bottles for a healthy, portable alternative to juice that has more flavor than water, but none of the additives from the flavored waters on the shelf.

The Define bottle was invented by a now 15-year-old boy named Carter–how cool is that? He wanted to combat diabetes and childhood obesity by figuring out an alternative to sugary drinks. The final result is pretty smart: A strainer disk attaches under the spout so you can fill the bottom portion with sliced fresh fruit and water. This way the fruit infuses the water, but doesn’t come out of the bottle while you’re drinking.

I’ve tried it out with a few different fruits, from pulpy lime to crisp cucumber (mmm, refreshing), and so far none of the fruit pieces have come through the strainer or blocked the spout. It’s like that fancy water they have at the spa, so bonus, it makes me feel a little fancy too.

Define fruit-infused water bottles: add fruit to your water!

Define fruit-infused water bottle: the fruit doesn't block the strainer


The clear plastic sections of the bottle feel very durable, and the leather wrist strap is a nice touch. I was shocked that this sophisticated bottle was created by a teenager, but hey, he’s been recognized as a national finalist in Michelle Obama’s Partnership for a Healthier America End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge, so I’m not the the only one who says he definitely doing something awesome here.

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